Take a look at our new online market place!

We have a whole series of our hand made, hand spun,

hand dyed items on our new site.


You can go to www.oldhausfibers.com & follow the link,


Go directly to store.oldhausfibers.com  I’m adding new

things all the time, so check back often! 

Ask me questions:  joel@oldhausfibers.com




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A nice blog post about Oldhaus Fibers!

It takes me a while to get all these hooked together, but here’s a nice run on our things here @ Oldhaus Fibers!


Thank them very much for the kind words!

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Important New Updates! July 2012

“when life gives you lemons” … we’ve been making way to much lemonaide lately!   Some of you know, others… just ask :)

Thing are getting back to “our normal” for now & we’ve gotten back to our Bunnies and Angora Wool.

We’ve got a few babies, and will probably have some more this summer/fall.

One note on our breeding program, we’ve gotten some new breeding stock, and have “Colored” Giant Angoras’ , and some “Pooofy” French Angora’s.  (back to the lemons)   We were able to help out a fellow breeder this past spring 2012, and have a nice selection of bunnies again.

We’ll keep looking for a GA Buck (that’s what I need to get pure bred GA’s again) but for now, we’ve got lots of colors!  I’ll have more here, on our Rabbits for Sale page.

That’s enought for now, email us  @ frontdoor  @  oldhaus.net, or phone at  “Three One Nine, Three Three Zero, Six Four Four One”  (keeps hackers at bay)

Thank you !   Joel / Kathi Huebner…

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